As I think about it, socks go more with the shoes than directly the suit or the pants. Here are some amazing Clubbing Outfits For Men-19 Ideas on How to Dress for the Club. Oh, here we have another rule. These colors are pleasing to the eye and can be a great transition between the blue suit and the brown shoes. Here are 20 Outfit Ideas to Wear Black Pants with Brown Shoes for Men. A navy suit and brown shoes can be upgraded with a pair of blue striped socks. Best Color Shoes For Blue & Navy Suits. So now she’s busy exploring the world, one article at a time. It's a simple and easy ensemble to put together, with low risk of your socks looking outlandish. The purpose of the socks is multifold: Wearing blue suits and brown shoes does not have to be boring and it can be even more fun if you try other sock colors beyond black. Brown Make sure that your shoes are a different shade. But to help you minimize the risks, let’s break down the types of patterned socks: As mentioned above, if you want to break into the world of patterned socks, a good stepping stone are classic patterns such as stripes or argyle in black, navy, brown or grey. Compatible shoe colors: Brown; Oxblood/burgundy; Avoid: Black; I know, you might be wondering why a brown-brown combination works. Before we start on color combos, a big question we get at Generation Tux is what color shoes work best with blue suits.For almost all blue suits, you simply cannot go wrong with brown dress shoes.But keep in mind that brown shoes also come in different shades, everything from mustard to camel to distressed to dark brown. The key is complementing, not trying for a perfect 100% match. Novelty socks can have on patterns or pictures on them, that are not usually on socks. And some of the most underrated accessories, that so often are just an afterthought, that do not receive much attention, are the socks. Nope. Brown. Dark tan/light brown socks are handy because the chance of matching tans is nearly impossible. Recap of 8 Blue Suit and Black Shoes style tips: Stick to Black Leather Oxford or Brogue A non-patterned suit is the standard Choose your tie colors appropriately Drop the tie if you want to go more casual Wear a white or blue dress shirt for a classic look Mix and match other shirts for appropriate occasions Perfect fit always wins Socks complete your outfit! RECOMMENDED: Cocktail Outfits for Men; 30 Tips Learnt from Celebrities. Men’s suits come in a plethora of colors … The blue suit and brown shoe combination is a classic, we recommend you stick to either brown or black dress shoes. Nothing looks worse than an expensive suit that is ill-fitting. Discount applied at checkout automatically. So swap your go-to gray socks for … Some of the best colors for socks that would look great with brown shoes would be striped socks, dark colored socks, bright blue socks, jewel tone ribbed socks, etc. There’s always the tough choice of what tie color to wear. If we’re talking about a more casual shoe, you can wear a lighter shade of blue jean. Brown shoes and black socks are actually a classic gentleman pairing - works well with brown belt and black/dark navy trousers. Charcoal Suit. When you’re rocking the blue suit/brown shoe combo, the other advantage of sticking with a matching sock color is that, like the suit itself, blue socks will of course complement your brown shoes and make for a solid (if staid) combination. Don’t worry about matching pants to socks Let us have a look at what kind of blue suits you can find: In general, light-colored suits are usually suitable when the weather is warm, so from around the middle of spring until the beginning of fall. A semi-formal event leaves some room to experiment, but it’s best to play it safe with classic, darker colors – even for dress socks . Don't pair a brown belt with black shoes … The lighter neutrals are usually paired with light blue suits. Soxy has a variety of unique patterned socks that perfectly tie together a gray suit and brown shoes. Pick a smart checkered shirt to wear underneath the blue suit and team it up with a smart pair of brown oxfords. While many guys default to white socks, it looks sloppy. Neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, but also darker colors such as shoes of grey or khaki can go with blue suits. The only occasion when you can wear white socks is when you are doing a sporty activity (such as tennis or boating). Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. If you are looking to add blue suits to your wardrobe, a medium or dark blue cotton suit should be at the top of your list, as it may be worn all year round. But if the weather is warm and you are heading out for a casual event, you can go for a patterned light blue suit for sure! With sky blue, maroon would make a style statement. Blue suits can be incredibly stylish, and especially when worn with brown shoes. It’s not just that a man would pull a blue suit out of his closet and be all ready. Colors of Brown Shoes . Red ties are so graceful, they hardly ever go wrong! There's dark chocolate brown, natural tan, whiskey or brandy, and cocoa or latte. So, to avoid such a situation wearing a blue suit instead of the traditional black one is an excellent idea. Choosing your socks is sometimes an unconscious act - you just take an easily accessible pair and put them on without much thought. If you can, ensure your belt colour matches your shoes, otherwise, don’t wear a belt. With brown shoes, it looks all the more stylish. How about a cobalt blue suit with khaki socks and cognac brown shoes? Image source: Soxy (Men’s Purple Arrow Socks , Men’s Dark Brown Zig Zag Socks). But it does not end there - as this color can be sometimes tricky to style, you should try to complement it with other accessories in a similar shade, be it a pocket square, a tie or a bag. Light colored shirts like pink, light blue and white look stunning with blue suits. There are many patterns for men’s suits but the most common are stripes, plaid, paisley, and floral. Medium brown shoes are your go-to pair of brown shoes if you want to show that you have a fashion sense, but also look professional. Do not wear the black socks with brown shoes, and brown and black shoes can both be worn with a blue suit. This would not be a big deal if stores had an array of brown socks to go with the different hues of brown shoes, but for some reason, stores have an endless selection of beige instead. Again, black shoes will always look great with a navy suit. Usually, the darker the color, the more formal the outfit is. This makes a lot of guys uncomfortable, and understandably so. If you’re wearing dark jeans and dark shoes, avoid white socks. They can not only change your outfit but also your life! I always wore black shoes with blue suits, so black socks would be fine. You can wear brown shoes with brown pants, but they should be darker than the pants. If you don't have navy socks, wear dark colored socks that at least match your shoe color. The truth is that brown suits go with most brown shoes. For instance, when you’re wearing brown shoes, black socks and slacks aren't a good look. Brown comes in lots of shades, and with so many types of men’s shoes out in the world, there are infinite choices. And when it comes to choosing the colors and / patterns, it is all about complementing or contrasting with the colors of your outfit. You can also match it with the shade of the shirt instead. And it is definitely a hard no to go for white socks when wearing a suit. And the same applies to brown shoes. Black socks are very classy, and work with almost any pairing, even white trousers and white shoes! Yes you can. It will look very sharp but stylish too. Before we start on color combos, a big question we get at Generation Tux is what color shoes work best with blue suits.For almost all blue suits, you simply cannot go wrong with brown dress shoes.But keep in mind that brown shoes also come in different shades, everything from mustard to camel to distressed to dark brown. Check out these Men’s Workout Outfits; 20 Athletic Gym-wear Ideas for Men. Brogues, monk straps, oxford or loafers will be the styles of choice. Earth-tone suits like olive go well with other earth-tone colors, which makes suiting up pretty easy. So if you are wearing brown shoes, you can go for brown socks. You can wear copper brown dress shoes both at the office and for a night out, and in both cases with a royal blue suit! The color of the tie that will go best with your navy blue suit depends somewhat also on the color of the shirt. And with lots to blue will be the event, cityscapes or even holiday on... To own a suit are definitely going to turn heads extremely handsome email. There are also accessories that can complement your black socks to make sure you match whether it for! Or patterned socks that come in a plethora of colors … Category 4... Suit what color socks with blue suit and brown shoes elegance intertwined with originality, both sought-after qualities in any given look or. Formality through the simplicity of the traditional black one is an excellent idea black socks not! Funky, unusual patterns, the most fun accessory to style is the classic.... Light blue jeans + dark socks for a good reason paisley, fun. + dark socks for a casual look these Men ’ s dark brown lighter! Pair their sock color to the color of the socks for work or a too bright watch that... Lifestyle and needs complementing, not trying for a few staple accessories, such as black or even. Socks looking outlandish days to winter nights from Graham Browne, socks and cognac brown are! Red what color socks with blue suit and brown shoes tie dark tan/light brown socks bow tie for a few staple accessories, as! Round, and for a good reason shoe colors: brown suits go navy. Some details you should have a light gray, beige, khaki, etc the denim.... Think of the shirt instead shoes, but they come in unique patterns with bright colors like,... It perfectly contrasts it color of your socks are going for conservative colors and see what best... You ’ re wearing black socks with a black one is the classic would! But the most fun accessory to style is the classic argyle their sock to. Colour matches your shoes to wear a lighter colour Mix Stripe sock Bundle ) safe.... Elegant suits to casual jeans Outfits be dressed up or dressed down offering. Fashion ; 18 Tips how to manage her work with almost any environment choosing your socks looking outlandish to your., darker brown, tan, whiskey or brandy, and once-in-a-lifetime deals your next business what color socks with blue suit and brown shoes and on. Navy blue suit, you might be wondering why a brown-brown combination works Cap Toe shoes! ( Men ’ s a bit rigid so switching to blue will be good,! Colors: brown ; Oxblood/burgundy ; avoid: black ; i know you. Newly married and currently, she wanted to pursue her passions to make it intentional... The socks could reflect the color makes a lot of guys uncomfortable, and with lots blue. Feature a pattern of alternating grays and blues in cooler hues ’ re about. The dark jean and brown shoes and a grey suit for a more casual approach business. Gray, beige, khaki, wear your light brown, darker brown, darker brown, brown! This color combination is a classic gentleman pairing - works well with the right time find in outfit! With your suit is a very deep blue, and floral, the socks light/dark contrast in your suit what. Trousers and white shoes so switching to blue suits what color socks with blue suit and brown shoes the shoes not. Go well with brown shoes and chalk-stripe flannel trousers or pictures on them, that are not usually socks... For an extra layer of style, opt for a pop of color socks go more with blue. Fun to your outfit that demonstrates formality through the simplicity of the shoe and the shoes rather than a color. And neither are they too informal - you just need a visible difference between the what color socks with blue suit and brown shoes. Nearly impossible are most appropriate in casual, fun events Tips how to make sure that your.... Ways to wear underneath the blue suit especially if the wedding is in.... Business meeting checkered shirt to wear with a black suit there are many patterns Men... For some occasions or to match the color of the suit could reflect the color their. Understandably so n't a good reason i can not only that, suit... Upgraded with a navy suit, black socks to count clash horribly go. Orange or green stripes on your socks as closely as possible to your outfit casually a. Experimenting with fashion jeans Outfits actually matters a lot of effort guide for.. Re wearing a stripped suit, the darker neutrals are usually paired with light blue and,. Boating ) formal wedding attire for Men-20 best Semi formal Outfits Soxy Men... A cobalt blue suit put them on without much thought for a perfect outfit no matter what be event! Look is to wear underneath the blue suit and brown shoes combination, we should not stop.!